Why Us.

Why 21st

The Indian education system was modelled for the industrial era of limited work opportunities - which resulted in academic excellence and commendable levels of commitment and focus. With the 21st century embracing a world with limitless opportunities, the challenges posed to students are more humane in nature and students understanding themselves and the world around them has become a key prerogative. The importance of the Fountainhead Leaders program comes from the current Indian education system’s need for a structured Social-Emotional leadership development curriculum.

    The Fountainhead program is the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is the education system, which focus on enabling students to lead their lives with self-awareness, values and a growth mindset at the core which will inturn help them lead a fulfilling life.

    Why Fountainhead Leader’s Program?

    Inquiry-Based and Experiential Learning

    Fountainhead’s considers experiential learning to be the cornerstone of its curriculum making use of the research and methodology of renowned theorists in the field. We extensively use the Kolb’s Learning Cycle.

    Scientific and Research Based Curriculum

    Our curriculum is based on the work of well-known researchers and models including
    (1) Daniel Goleman’s understanding of self-awareness and interpersonal relationship development;
    (2) Bar-On’s model for social emotional learning; and the (3) Still Water Creatorship’s model for goal-setting and personal effectiveness. Our curriculum development team comprise of qualified psychologists, design specialist, behavioural scientists and educators.

    Rigorous Process for Lesson Plan Development and Delivery

    Prior to execution, Fountainhead Leaders provide the school with the program concept design for approval. Upon study of the school’s philosophy and the demographics of the students, a customized program is presented to the school. On acceptance from the school, a well-planned & rigorous process is followed for lesson plan development and delivery.

    Appeals to Multiple Intelligences

    The Fountainhead Leaders curriculum firmly imbibes the Multiple Intelligences theory as theorised by Howard Gardner who has identified distinct intelligences recognising that students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways.

    Well Trained and Qualified Facilitators and Coaches

    Our coaches undergo an intensive and immersive three-month leadership coaching program mandatorily, the successful completion of which qualifies them to teach the Fountainhead Leaders curriculum to the students.

    Logical and Intuitive Framework for Emotional Brain Development

    Our curriculum seeks to stimulate and strengthen the interaction between a student’s cognitive and emotional brain to help them achieve well-balanced growth and development throughout their schooling. The lessons provide students exposure to an array of skill sets (listed alongside) that serve as ‘tools’ to equip them to recognise similar encounters in their daily lives, as opportunities to grow as individual leaders in their own lives.