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  • Saisudha Sugavanam


Fountainhead Leaders was started for personal reasons. Both Ramya and I pursued our dream jobs, did very well in our careers but our aspirations changed when we had children of our own. We went on in a quest for acquiring parenting skills – don’t know if we would ever master it but the journey has helped us understand what we wanted from both our personal and professional lives. At a personal level, we wanted to spend quality time with our family and at a professional level, we sought for meaning and purpose and it came from imparting children the necessary skills to get them prepared to handle the challenges of the 21 st century.

Let’s explore what are these 21 st century skills and why they are important. 41 percent of India’s population is below the age of 18. While our academic system is focusing on strengthening a child’s academic prowess, the skill set required to face the challenges both at a personal level and at a professional level is left for the individual to fend for. Moving out of family for the first time to attend college or failing in a major examination or rejection in a job interview or a personal tragedy or a heart-break or hardships that come along the way in pursuing a dream or simply lack of clarity on what to do next could be very challenging for a young person. While we have seen a lot of our peers to have sailed through these challenges, a lot of others, very talented bright ones, just could not overcome some of these challenges.

This is compounded by the fact that, the unprecedented pace at which the 21st century is changing, while the skills needed to find meaning and purpose in life remain the same, the environment today is very different from our generation – or even half a generation - ago. With the change, the complexities of the challenges have also increased. Self-awareness, mental clarity, effective communication are some of the life-skills needed for an adult to succeed in a business or career or personal life in this century.

We believe that if children are taught to lead their lives effectively from a very young age and develop a problem-solving and a growth mind-set, as grown-ups they will be able to overcome the challenges that come along their way and create a successful life of their own. While the journey has just begun and we have miles go before we reach the destination, the early signs of impact are very encouraging.

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