How We Do It.

Fountainhead Leaders Program work with schools to create and execute a structured and customized leadership curriculum to integrate with a student’s daily learning as highlighted below.

    • Research

      Fountainhead Leaders conduct extensive research on the school in relation to the –
      (i) School Academic Curriculum;
      (ii) School Philosophy, Mission and Vision;
      (iii) School Rules and Regulations;
      (iv) School Student Demographics.

    • Concept Design

      This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

    • School Approval

      The concept design is then presented to the school for approval. On agreement between Fountainhead Leaders and the school, lesson plans are developed based on the agreed concept design.

    • Lesson Plan Development

      Based on concept design, individual activity-based lesson plans are developed in alignment with the key message and objective of the concept design.

    • Lesson Plan Delivery

      Lesson plans are then delivered to the students either by a Fountainhead Leaders Coach or a school teacher trained by a Fountainhead Leaders Coach (depending on the school’s preference for the lesson plan execution).