Is a new age educationalist who aims to truly educate children to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing 21st century. She truly believes in the power of the India’s next generation who when they are equipped with the right skills can be leaders of the world.

She is also one of the Founders and Curriculum Director of Springdays School, Vellore ( She comes from a strong corporate leadership experience of more than ten years in IBM, where she developed and productized many ideas. Her accolades further include four patents being filed with the United States Patent Office and authoring a number of technology papers and books. When asked about her understanding of leadership this is what she had to say

- Ramya Rajendiran

Co-founded Fountainhead Leaders to empower young minds to realise their full potential. Coming in with ten years’ work experience in the fields of journalism (with the British Broadcasting Corporation) and sports mentorship (with Go Sports Foundation) she has gained perspective and insight from Conversations with affluent leaders like (late) president Mr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Abhinav Bindra, and reflective mentoring sessions with emerging sports stars like Kidambi Srikanth and Rani Rampal. She firmly believes that there is a potential leader in every individual most effectively nurtured at a young age. When asked about what being a leader means to her, this is what she had to say

- Saisudha Sugavanam


Kanishka Sinha is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Stillwater Consulting, a corporate training and consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, executive coaching and organizational effectiveness. He is a multiple TEDx event speaker, author of the book ‘The Game of Life’ (a book on philosophy, psychology and behaviour change), and a Professor of Business Communication at the Indian School of Business (ISB). He’s a humanist and believes in the power of empowering people with humanistic values. He brings on boards years of coaching experience having coached over 1000 high potential managers and CEOs of top MNCs.

- Kanishka Sinha

Anasuya Menon is a trainer and an Executive Coach at Stillwater Consulting. Prior to joining Stillwater, she worked in an Educational Non-Profit called Teach for India for 8 years.

She is passionate about exploring and influencing human behaviour relating to child, adolescent and adult development. She is excited about the possibilities that can open up by facilitating the creation of empowering habits in people, that in turn, support them in creating what they want to in their life.

- Anasuya Menon

T.Rajendiran, a Chartered Accountant by profession, is the founder correspondent of four prestigious schools in Vellore: Shrishti Group of School, Lakshmi Garden School and Springdays School. Mr. Rajendiran is also the founder and CEO of MasterJEE IIT Academy, a highly reputed entrance exams coaching center with branches across India and Gulf countries. Under the tutelage of Mr. Rajendiran, all the above institutions have had their students gain admissions into premier engineering and medical colleges purely on merit every year. It is a noteworthy fact that all the above mentioned schools are much sought after for admissions every year, and prove their excellence by securing state ranks and district ranks in all areas of growth, both academic and non-academic.

Mr. Rajendiran has through the years given a human touch to education. His special focus on the child behind every student has touched many lives for the better. He believes that Fountainhead Program will take this to the next level and that it is truly essential for education of the next generation.

- Mr. Rajendiran

Anil Ravindran dons multiple hats – An Entrepreneur, organic farmer and permaculturalist. He believes that the current education system needs changing, as it is overly focused on the process, and not on the student.

He feels that the Fountainhead Leaders’ philosophy of putting the student at the heart of education is an important part of that change. He enriches Fountainhead Leaders with over a decade of international management consulting expertise, and a well-rounded personality.

- Anil Ravindran


Vidhya Chakravarthy

Vidhya Chakravarthy

Product developer and Coach

Vidhya has a calm disposition and looks at life as an exciting roller coaster ride which has to be inevitably lived to the fullest. As a classical dancer, actor and an educator she is perennially inspired to narrate stories and create experiences for audiences. She believes feeling intensely is a characteristic human trait. Her natural warmth and innate empathy makes people easily comfortable and open up to her. Working at Fountainhead Leaders has given her the platform to make the best of her skills in developing products for children and coaching teachers in the space of social emotional leadership skills. Vidhya is also a post graduate in early childhood education and has been a guest faculty in the Bangalore University teaching the same. She has also worked with preschool children in schools across Bangalore having taught creative movement.

Sushmitha Sarah Francis

Sushmitha Sarah Francis

Primary Curriculum Developer

Having had a passion for music and theatre since a very young age has helped Sushmitha look at the world in a creative manner with endless possibilities. Having pursued psychology later on provided her with many opportunities to work with children on different therapy and counselling platforms. This is when her love for working with children grew and her ambition to continue working with them was set. Being a part of Fountainhead Leaders has helped fulfil that dream. Sushmitha uses her artistic abilities to the fullest to create Social Emotional Leadership curriculum for primary school children. 

Prithi K. S

Prithi K.S

Program Coach

With nearly two decades of experience in teaching various age groups and previously being part of Teach For India, Prithi believes that her superpower is in teaching. Her planning and organizational skills along with her ability to reach the level of her students, helps to create strong bonds with them. She has always felt the need to help students become leaders who understand themselves best and strive to be the best version of themselves. Currently being the Program Coach at Fountainhead Leaders, has given her an opportunity to gain personal growth and also fulfil her dream of empowering children with the leadership skills. Her vast experience has helped in creating inquiry based lesson plans and activities which are fun for children.