Being a coach is not like anything else

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  • Prithi K S

    Program Coach,

As Fountainhead Leaders celebrates it’s first anniversary, I look back and feel so overwhelmed with all the experiences and learnings I’ve had after becoming a part of Fountainhead Leaders.

Last year in February, as my fellowship with Teach for India was coming to an end, I was looking for a job in curriculum design. I applied for different organizations in the Education sector but I wasn’t satisfied. Then one day, while I was surfing through the Teach for India employment portal, I saw an advertisment from Fountainhead Leaders, went through the whole J.D. and got very excited as it matched exactly with what I was look for. I applied and was accepted. While going through the process, I was completely drawn and inspired by the ethics and values on which both Ramya and Sudha have started Fountainhead Leaders. 

The next thing I knew was I was in Vellore – well settled and excited to meet a fresh bunch of students. I started getting coached and to be honest, the initial sessions were very tough. But it helped me to understand myself. I also began to open up and accept my own self. It also helped me to realise which of my beliefs are working for me and which are not. I’m now experiencing a lot of clarity and it has given me the strength to work hard to achieve my goals.

Leadership curriculum is not like other subjects. There are no fixed books. While there was a lot of wisdom available, I wasn’t up for preaching  my students. I had to unlearn a lot, internalize them and then simplify them for kids to comprehend. It was a herculean task but when I look back, I loved every bit of the challenge – it brought out the best in me.

When I went on to teach the lessons we created, it helped me look at the concepts from students’ perspective and I began to visualise the class before taking it. I felt visualization helped me connect with students better.

While I’ve been a teacher for over 15 years now, what I do with Fountainhead Leaders is very different from what I’ve done so far. I no longer share just the knowledge I’ve acquired, I get students to discover themselves and along the way I discover newer things about myself. I’m so glad that I’ve become a coach.

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