21ST Century Leadership.


Fountainhead Leaders offers schools, curriculum integrated lessons focused on personal growth by teaching students 21st century Social-Emotional Leadership skills (as recognized by the World Economic Forum). The curriculum is taught by grade and age, commencing at three years until adolescence, imparting students with the relevant skillsets through the course of their curriculum. The lesson plans are highly immersive and are integrated into the student’s learning.

      The Fountainhead Leaders program is customizable to the International Baccalaureate (“IB”), The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (“IGCSE”), The Central Board of Secondary Education (“CBSE”) and Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (“ICSE”) syllabus mandates.

      21ST Century Social Emotional Leadership Skills

      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Building Self-Esteem
      • Coping with adolescence
      • Handling Bullying
      • Relationship Building
      • Stress Management
      • Anger Management
      • Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
      • Cognitive Flexibility and Adapatability