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Welcome to Fountainhead Leaders.


Today’s students live in a digital world driven by rapid change and infinite opportunities. This not only encourages students to question everything they observe and experience, but also exposes them to a diverse set of emotional and social challenges in their daily lives. As their primary influencers, how do we help them adapt and grow to be confident and rounded individuals in this dynamic digital era?

Fountainhead works with schools and offers curriculum integrated lessons grounded in a logical and intuitive framework for teaching students social-emotional leadership skills. We also deliver customized workshops for teachers and parents, as we believe in a 360-degree approach to empowering all stake-holders involved in the development of the student.

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Our Mission.

We believe in Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy that we must be the change we want to see in the world and fully believe that students have the potential and ability to 'lead' their own lives. Our mission is to empower every child to achieve their fullest potential by equipping them with the necessary Social-Emotional Leadership skills.

How we do it

Engagement Model with Schools.

Fountainhead Leaders works with schools to create and execute a structured and customized leadership curriculum to integrate with a student’s daily learning. The steps we follow are highlighted here


Why Fountainhead Leader’s Program?

The Indian education system was modelled for the industrial era of limited work opportunities - which resulted in academic excellence and commendable levels of commitment and focus. With the 21ST century embracing a world with limitless opportunities, the challenges posed to students are more humane in nature and students understanding themselves and the world around them has become a key prerogative.

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